IDENTIFY – Song About Human Rights

IDENTIFY – Song About Human Rights


They’re watching on the street
They’re watching in your car
This is reality TV
And you’re the star
Their secret wire taps
They’re listening on your phone
Their secret searches
Invasion of your home

They intercept and read
All that you’ve written down
They’re spiders on the web
Your information found
They know just what you’ve bought
They know what books you’ve read
Your medical history
All but what’s in your head

To try and silence
Those who know what’s right/what’s wrong
The truth to what’s been going on
They spread their lies
To keep you all afraid
And blind to the fact you’ve been betrayed

Under surveillance
All those who criticize
Agent Provocateur
Infiltration by spies
Now you’ve been targeted
“Hold Until Clear”
Investigative detention
Intimidation through fear

Well, we know how to move
In ways that can’t be seen
And we know how to smash
Your fucking telescreens
You think you’ve got us cornered?
Then think again
’cause fists and boots and bricks
Will fight you to the end

Behind closed doors
They dictate policy
That says there’s no future for you or me
They want control
To tell you what to think
The Patriot Act was the missing link
Cameras will break
Lenses will shatter
’cause to us these laws just don’t fucking matter
It’s a message from those you would deny:
You can’t control what you can’t identify

“In the United States you have the USA Patriot Act, which has become a blueprint for anti-terrorism laws passed by governments across the world. Freedoms are being curbed in the name of protecting freedom, and once we surrender our freedoms, to win them back will take a revolution.” – Arundhati Roy

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