Anima Mundi | Human Rights Activism

Anima Mundi | Human Rights Activism


A prison culture
Built on distraction
With status built on wealth
And material gain

Watch the world on a screen
It’s the american dream
While corporations profit
Other nations pay

It’s a passive deception
In the mirror’s reflection
Sold the image of “truth”
That they want you to see

It’s all based on confusion
Media-made illusion
And it’s nothing to do
With what it is to be free

One tribe gathers together
To move beyond all this pain and sorrow
One tribe now and forever
As we rise up to build our own tomorrow

A prison culture
Built on distraction
With status built on faith
And a fortune to spare

Watch the man on the screen
Tell you what’s pure or obscene
In self-righteous judgment
And donations to bear

It’s an ongoing trial
Of deceit and denial
In well-crafted defense
Of the words made of stone

So where’s your shepherd/your master?
You’ve been put out to pasture
Left to die on the cross
That you bore all alone

Take a look at our world
Take a look at your life
Do you help or hinder?

To value love and trust
To leave the past in the dust
To live in peace from birth
To love and tend to the earth
To color outside the lines
To live with open minds
To live in equality
To set the animals free
To stop the gluttonous waste
To give the others a taste
To reclaim what is ours
To cut through prison bars
To come together and faction
To take direct action
To live so wild and free
To live like you and me

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