// “no slam dancing/stage diving policy” //

We do not support slam dancing, circle pits or stage diving. We see this as inherently violent, and it divides the people up into two groups: one that is forced to stand on the sides or in the back of the venue in order to avoid getting shoved, punched, kicked or landed on — and another that doesn’t care about these people.

Some have read this as meaning “stand still and clap politely between songs.” Nothing could be further from our intention. We want to encourage EVERYONE to participate in these shows; this is an interactive experience, and we want everyone to come up front and dance, come onstage and sing with us and express themselves completely, taking part in the experience without having to worry about getting hurt.

Since we want our gigs to bring people together rather than force them apart, we have made the decision not to support this — you start, we stop — plain and simple.

// personal responsibility: we are our own security //

The way each of us act and interact at a show either hinders or helps us all. The “punk” who makes cracks about what someone else looks like, steals from others at the gig, trashes the gig space and picks fights with people is worse than useless, and will not be tolerated. The individual who takes an active part in the show, who expresses and enjoys herself, meets and welcomes new people, plans actions with them, steps in to assist when someone is bothering someone else, donates a few bucks to or helps to support the various organizations tabling the event and offers to help clean-up after the gig is someone who has done much to move things forward, and we welcome you..

// shows are not a substitute for action //

While shows are a time to rally, to celebrate our victories, connect with each other, express ourselves and have fun, it is our ultimate hope that our shows will be events that educate people who are new to the information we are presenting, and to be networking opportunities for activists of every stripe to meet with each other and ultimately plan ACTIONS. If your involvement ends when the gig does, you will have missed the point entirely.

Here you can read more about the band and about the international human rights group.