Wed. Dec 12th, 2018


// anima mundi [Lat.] World spirit //

Anima Mundi was chosen as a name because by definition it is something that everyone is a part of — a collective entity; a unified energy; a global tribe.

In nature, when any entity is cornered, be it by an aggressor, predator, or tyrant, in order to survive it will use whatever means are available to ensure its survival. It will fight back. In these times, when the world and all who exist upon it have indeed been cornered by those in power — who care nothing for our protests, our dissenting voices, our passive resistance, our civil disobedience — our only options are public education, community organizing, and direct action.

THIS is Anima Mundi.

Who: We are a diverse collective of varying age, culture, gender and sexuality.

What: We use music as our primary medium to educate, challenge, question, expose, support, connect and inspire. Any profits generated by our work are channeled back into the different organizations we support.

When: We came into being on November 3rd, 2004 in the shadow of the Bush “Re-election.”

Where: We are based in Los Angeles, CA.

Why: Have you looked around lately?